What Happens with Your Data

On your permission, this app collects your name, id, profile image URL, and activities from Strava. Your name and profile image URL are collected to personalize the numbers page to you. Your Strava id is used to construct a link back to your Strava profile and match your activities to you. Your activities are used to calculate your Eddington Numbers for each activity type. These are saved by the application to reduce the number of API calls the application makes to Strava and to increase application performance. Initial data fetches can take several seconds for large amounts of activities. After the initial fetch, the application only fetches new activities.

The data is stored until you delete it or the application no longer exists.

You may delete your activity data, delete your account, and/or deauthorize this application from Strava at any time by visiting your account.

European citizens have the right to lodge a complaint with their GDPR supervisory authority.

Contact Brent Lineberry with any questions.